How do you recognize a high-quality Visco mattress?

One of the decisive criteria for the quality of foams in the inner part of the mattresses is the volume weight, which has a positive effect on the support force and ensures the dimensional stability of the product. For Visco foam, it should be between 45 and 55 kg / m3 to ensure a long service life of about ten years. Normally, the visco foam pad is supported by means of a stronger cold foam core, which ideally has a similar or equal volume weight.

Further attention should be paid to the height of the supporting foam core – since the visco foam layer is primarily used for sinking the body, the underlying foam layer must be at least ten inches high to provide sufficient cushioning and support. Further, the materials used should be 100% pollutant free. It is also advisable to read a mattress test. Stiftung Ware test also tests mattresses. Buy good mattress from good mattress.

What to look for when buying a Visco mattress?

Since you usually do not renew a mattress regularly, you should pay attention to a good quality when buying, but also be aware of his claims. Because only who knows how he wants to sleep at night, will also lie comfortably and sleep restfully.

The perfect hardness

One finds out before buying, which degree of hardness you prefer when sleeping: the higher this is, the harder the feeling, the lower, the softer. In addition, body weight also plays a role. The degrees of hardness range from H1 (especially soft), for people up to 60 kilos, to H4 (very hard), for people from 90 kilos!

One-sided or bilateral visco layer

The one-sided visco layer is thicker and allows the sleeping person to sink deeper at maximum pressure relief, but this model only slowly adapts to the body when changing position. The two-sided is thinner and does not allow deep sinking, but shows more flexible in a change in position.

The zones

For sleeping comfort of extraordinary importance are the lying areas. These should distribute the weight evenly, optimally support certain body regions and control the sinking of the lying body. The goal is to reduce the pressure on the body. Recommended are 7-zone mattresses.